Monthly Financial Report - 7421

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
Monthly Financial Report - 7421

The business office will prepare a monthly budget status report of the following funds:

  1. General fund,
  2. Capital projects fund,
  3. Debt service fund,
  4. Associated student body fund, and
  5. Transportation vehicle fund.

A "statement of financial condition" in the form of the Budget Status Report will be submitted to the Board for each month. The Superintendent or designee will reconcile ending net cash and investments, revenues and expenditures reported by the county treasurer with the District records for all funds. As part of the budget status report, the Superintendent or designee will provide quarterly a brief written explanation of any significant deviation in revenue and/or expenditure projections that may affect the financial status of the District.

Legal References:

WAC 392-123-110 Monthly financial statements and reports prepared by school district administration
WAC 392-123-115 Monthly budget status reports
WAC 392-123-120 Statement of financial condition--Financial position of the school district
WAC 392-123-125 Personnel budget status report
WAC 392-123-132 Reconciliation of monthly county treasurers' statement to district records


Adoption Date: January 12, 1998