Management of District Bank Accounts - Procedures - 7416-P

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
Management of District Bank Accounts - Procedures - 7416-P

Moneys received for the District will be handled as follows:

  1. Receipts will be given for all moneys;

  2. All moneys received by the District, except those received by the county treasurer on behalf of the District, will be deposited in the District's depository account. Provisions will be made for individual buildings to have access to night depository. In no cases will money remain in a building for more than 24 hours;

  3. Receipts from special events will be deposited intact;

  4. All moneys in the depository account, will be transmitted to the county treasurer no less frequently than once every two weeks. Such transmittals will be accompanied by a report indicating the sums to be credited to each of the District's funds;

  5. An accurate record will be kept of all expenditures from each imprest account. Reimbursement to the maximum permitted will be made to each imprest account by voucher each month; and

  6. Local audits of each imprest account may be made on a surprise and unscheduled basis. In addition, whenever there is a change of administrator, the imprest accounts which they administered will be audited by the District.

January 12, 1998