Associated Student Body Program Fund - Procedures - 7415-P

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
The Associated Student Body Program Fund - Procedures - 7415-P

The following guidelines will apply to associated student bodies:

  1. The principal will appoint the primary advisor to the ASB. They will be responsible for designating advisors to the various student subgroup organizations affiliated with the ASB. For schools with no grade higher than grade six, the Board may delegate the authority to the principal to act as the associated student body.

  2. The principal will be responsible for supervising the accounting functions to be performed at the building level. The building-level accounting procedures will be consistent with all regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines applicable to the accounting functions performed at the district office level.

  3. The ASB will participate in the determination of the purposes for which ASB financial resources will be budgeted and disbursed. Such purposes will be reflected in the ASB budget that is submitted to the Board for its approval.

  4. The ASB will approve all expenditures before money will be disbursed from the fund.

  5. ASB funds may be used for any purpose, including private purposes, approved by the governing body of the organization and subject to the provisions incorporated into the student body constitution and bylaws. Private purposes are defined as scholarships, student exchanges and charitable contributions. Moneys raised or solicited by students groups to be used for private purposes will be designated for the specific purpose described in the notice provided to donors prior to the fundraising event or solicitation. Such moneys will be deposited to a separate account within the ASB fund and will be held in trust until disbursed to the designated non-profit (501(c)(3)) or governmental organization.

  6. Fund-raising by organizations that are not sponsored by an ASB will not be conducted under the direction or supervision of district staff nor with the use of any district equipment, supplies, facilities or other resources. Non-ASB fund raising will not involve student participation during the school day.

  7. For schools with students in grade seven or above, evidence of student approval must appear on all vouchers supporting a disbursement of ASB money. This includes purchase orders and imprest fund check requests.

  8. ASB moneys must be on deposit with the county treasurer with the exception of an imprest banking account and petty cash. Such funds will be administered in the manner required by the regulations of the state Board of education.


January 12, 1998
Revised: November 13, 2001
Revised: August 6, 2007