Gifts and Donations - Procedures - 7233-P

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
Gifts and Donations - Procedures - 7233-P

The Superintendent or designee will determine if the District will accept a gift or donation based on the guidelines listed below. Elementary school principals will notify the Executive Director of Elementary Education and secondary school principals will notify the Executive Director of Secondary Education as soon as they are contacted regarding a potential gift or donation to their school. The Executive Directors will act as the Superintendent's designee for applying these procedures to gifts and donations to individual schools.

The authority of any school to expend monetary donations will be established by a budget revision processed by the Business Office. The Business Office will receipt revenue and/or establish expenditure authority for any gift or donation. The Business Office will establish procedures for the receipting and transmittal of monetary gifts and donations.

Any conditions or requirements associated with a gift will be evaluated by the Superintendent or designee to determine if they are reasonable and acceptable before deciding to accept a gift or donation.

Gifts or Donations

  1. Will be used for purposes consistent with the goals and policies of the District, as established by the Board of Directors;
  2. Will be used to enhance the educational program or extracurricular opportunities;
  3. Will not create a significant, ongoing inequity of programs available to students within or between schools;
  4. Become the property of the District subject to the District's established standards, regular maintenance schedules, inventory and surplus procedures; and
  5. Will not be used to create or continue a program that will require the allocation of District funds when the gift or donation is exhausted or to create any future financial obligation for the District.

Gifts or Donations of Equipment or Materials

  1. Will be suitable for use by students or staff and meet safety and performance standards as determined by the Superintendent or designee.
  2. Curricular materials and/or programs are subject to the normal curriculum approval process prior to acceptance of the gift.
  3. Donations that involve improvements to District facilities and grounds must be approved by the District Support Services Department prior to acceptance of the gift.
  4. Technology equipment must meet the District's minimum standards and guidelines as listed on the District website under the Technology Department.


Due to requirements of Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Rule 23.1.1, if a booster club or another outside source wishes to give a District paid or volunteer coach a stipend/gift, the following will apply:

  1. The stipend/gift will not exceed $500 in a season;
  2. Normal District screening and supervision of volunteers will occur by the school athletic director, and;
  3. The school principal/designee has final approval in the selection of the volunteer.

October 25, 2004
Revised: November 15, 2004
Revised: November 23, 2011
Revised: March 1, 2013