Gifts and Donations - 7233

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
Gifts and Donations - 7233

The Board recognizes that individuals and organizations in the community may wish to donate money, materials or equipment to enhance the educational program or extracurricular opportunities for students. This policy governs the acceptance of gifts and donations from private individuals and private non-profit organizations. Grants received from public agencies, corporations and private non-profit organizations are not considered gifts or donations for the purposes of this policy.

Gifts or donations having a value of $10,000 or more will be subject to approval of the Board. Gifts or donations of real property will be subject to approval of the Board.

Monetary gifts or donations will be deposited in the Associated Student Body Fund if the intended use is for extracurricular purposes or in the General Fund if the intended use is for curricular purposes. Such funds will be subject to all laws, regulations and procedures applicable to school district funds.

The Superintendent will develop procedures to determine if a gift or donation will be accepted by the District.

Adoption Date: October 25, 2004