Grant Procurement - 7232

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
Grant Procurement - 7232

It is the policy of the Mukilteo School District Board of Education to pursue those funding opportunities from federal, state, and other governmental units, as well as from private and foundation sources that are consistent with District priorities.

The Superintendent will develop procedures for the development, review and administrative approval of applications for discretionary grant funding. Such procedures will assure that grant applications be limited to those that promote the educational mission of the District and/or promote the effective, efficient or safe management and operation of the District and are consistent with current District goals and priorities. The procedures will require an analysis of the impacts of the grant including but not limited to staff workload increases, administrative overhead, match requirements and compatibility with existing programs. The analysis will clearly identify any obligations of District resources that may be required during or after the grant period.

Adoption Date: January 12, 1998
Revised: August 13, 2007
Revised: November 8, 2010