Revenues from the Federal Government - Procedures - 7230-P

Mukilteo School District
Financial Management - Series 7000
Revenues from the Federal Government - 7230-P

Internal Controls - Title 1

The following controls are established for the Title 1 program:

  1. All Title 1 funded purchases and expenditures will be directly related to allowable Title 1 activities and services that are necessary to effectively carry out the objectives of the current program, and for the benefit of eligible participants;

  2. Title 1 purchases and expenditures will be restricted to those incurred by persons with direct Title 1 duties and responsibilities and/or which benefit only eligible Title 1 participants;

  3. Title 1 funded in-service training will be directly related to specific Title 1 program activities and provided as allowed by Title 1 rules and regulations; and

  4. Appropriate documentation of all Title 1 purchases and expenditures incurred will be maintained for accountability and audit purposes.

Parent Involvement - Title 1

Each school offering Title 1 programs will comply with federal and state requirements by providing for:

  1. Written parent notification of the selection of students for services;

  2. Accessibility to parents of specific instructional objectives for their children;

  3. Periodic student progress reports to parents;

  4. Accessibility of support materials to be utilized in the home when requested by parents;

  5. Parent participation in the instructional program on a volunteer basis; and

  6. Parent input and recommendations in program planning and modification.


January 12, 1998