Posted by A. Davis on 10/9/2014 10:00:00 PM

Extra Credit Problems written by students

Period #1:

1.For every 14 red skittles, there are 5 green skittles. There are 108 more red skittles than green skittles. How many green skittles are there? ______________________ 

2.    A combination of fertilizer and seeds are combined to grow a tree. The ratio of fertilizer to seeds is 6:4. The total amount of fertilizer and seeds is 240. How much of each do you need? ____________________ 

Period #2

1.       A boy buys a bag of marbles.  He finds out there are 10 red marbles for every 7 green marbles.  If there are 154 green marbles, how many red marbles are there?  _______________________________

2.      Mrs. Davis has 4 apples for every 1 banana.  If she has 90 more apples than bananas, how many bananas do they have?  ______________

Period #3

1.       Two kids want to make a batch of cookies.  They need 4 cups of flour for every 8 cups of chocolate chips.  The total cups of flour and chocolate chips are 240.   How many cups of chocolate chips were there?  ____________

2.      On the freeway, there were 4 pickups for every 9 cars.  There were 115 more cars than pickups.  How many pickups were there?  ________________

Period #5

1.      The ratio of red to black licorice is 7:3.  There are 80 more red licorice pieces than black.  How many red licorice pieces are there?  ________________

2.      At soccer practice, the ratio of shots John made to the shots he missed is 15:10.  If John made 60 shots, how many did he miss?  ______________

Period #6

1.      The number of normal houses to haunted houses is 7:5.  There are 260 more normal houses than haunted houses.  How many haunted houses are there?______

2.      Ashley and Emily are selling Girl Scout cookies.   For every 7 that Ashley sells, Emily sells 3.  If they sell 210 boxes altogether, how many did the each girl sell?_______