Far West Family Services

Far West Family Services provides comprehensive, confidential, and highly effective employee assistance services to our clients. Your access to services is quick and easy – simply give us a call to talk with a caring professional or to schedule a counseling appointment. Call 206-682-8149 or 1-800-398-3440 and someone will assist you right away. These services are paid for by your employer and are provided to you and your family at no charge. Service descriptions are listed below. Number of counseling sessions per employee/family is dependent upon the organization contract for services. Please call the scheduling office for more details.


Eligibility: Family members eligible for services include your spouse, partner or fiancé; dependent children and grandchildren (in your legal custody), foster children, or stepchildren who are age 22 and under and living in your home or away at college (in Washington state only). Not eligible are children age 23 and over, nieces, nephews, siblings, or parents. Grandchildren not in your legal custody are also not eligible. If you have questions about eligibility or would like referrals for other family members, we would be happy to assist you.