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Student Computers Home

Updated 4/15/2024, Revisions to translated versions will be updated for the 2024-25 school year. 

Downloadable Translated Versions Below

Students in the Mukilteo School District have greater access to laptop computers, and other devices for learning! Secondary students in grades 6-12 check out and transport their laptop between school and home. Elementary students will have access to their own laptop in their classroom to use throughout the day. While Elementary laptops will remain at school most of time, there may be times when Elementary students will take a laptop home.

The purpose is to increase access and ensure that each student has a device readily available to support their learning. It is important to note that while students will have immediate access to a laptop, it does not mean that teachers will utilize laptops one hundred percent of their instructional time. 

Please read the information below to acknowledge that you understand.

Families will be sent the information below through Parentsquare to acknowledge they have read:

  1. Students will bring their device to school each day fully charged and ready to use.
  2. Students will not leave their device unsecured at any time while at school or in a public place.
  3. Students or parents/guardians will not remove the district barcode label or mark their device in any way with markers, stickers, scratches, engravings, etc.
  4. Students or parents/guardians will inform their teacher or school if they have issues with their device.
  5. Students or parents/guardians will not attempt to add, remove, modify, or repair any hardware, applications, filtering, monitoring, and/or operating system in any way.
  6. Students will not use their devices for behaviors that are not suitable or proper for a school setting and impede the educational rights of others to learn in accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.
  7. Students and parents/guardians understand that device privileges may be lost because of inappropriate behavior. If federal, state, and/or local laws are violated, additional actions may be taken outside of the school district.
  8. Students and parents/guardians understand that stolen or missing student devices must be reported to school within 24 hours, or on the next school day.
  9. Students and parents/guardians understand that the device will be returned to the school/district when requested.
  10. Students and parents/guardians shall be responsible for the cost of replacing materials or property which are lost or damaged due to negligence in accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.