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Philosophy for Students

Mukilteo School District Board of Directors view the school as a place to experience academic and social success. Success contributes to positive student self-esteem which, in turn, translates into positive student behavior. By providing opportunities for students to learn concepts, practice skills, and experience academic success, we create an environment which promotes academic and social success.

Our program focuses on developing each student as a competent, self-disciplined learner. This requires learning decision-making skills; thus, our emphasis is on identifying and defining problem behaviors, problem-solving skills and prevention measures. These are built within an atmosphere of self-respect, respect for one another, and respect for the learning environment. School District policies, including rights and responsibilities, and student conduct procedures, are designed to provide boundaries within which individuals find security, yet freedom to develop self-discipline. Emphasis is placed on positive behaviors, growth and behavior-related consequences.

It is important for students to be responsible for their actions. Students, parents/guardians and staff must simultaneously work to support the rights of students while helping students accept responsibility for their academic and social growth.