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How to Register for School 

New Student Enrollment and Registration

∗∗Students that attend a Mukilteo School District school through the end of the previous school year & who have a resident home address that is within the Mukilteo School District do NOT need to be re-enrolled, they will automatically rollup and be enrolled for the following school year, even if they are entering a new grade band (from PKC to elementary school or elementary to middle school, or middle to high school)∗∗ 

Mukilteo School District has an online process to enroll and register new students to the district, including incoming kindergarten students. This process is only for incoming kindergartners and students that are new in the district. This process is not for students who are currently attending school within the district. During the online registration process you may save as you go and do not have to complete it all in one sitting. The completed application, once submitted online, will be reviewed by the school for completeness. Submitted applications will not be considered complete until all required documents are received by the school.

Two ways to register new students


Before you begin the online registration process, please have the following required documents available in digital format (which may include a scanned copy or a readable clean photo of the document):

  • Verification/Proof of address: Examples include a current purchase/lease agreement or residential service utility bill (electric, gas, water, sewage, garbage, land-line phone) showing parent/guardian's name and the service address. Please note: we cannot accept bills like wireless phone or internet as this is not something that can definitely be associated with the service address.
  • Verification of child’s birthdate: Examples include a birth certificate, passport, or an official medical record showing your child’s birth date and full legal name.

If you have the following documents available electronically, please include them in your online registration as well. They are REQUIRED before your student may attend school, but if you do not have them available now, they can be submitted at a later date.

  • Immunizations: The CIS (Certificate of Immunization Status) is needed. You can get a copy from your health provider. It needs to be medically verified and signed by the parent/guardian. Our specified school staff also have access to the Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS) School Module online system to monitor immunization compliance for our students. You will be asked to provide consent for us to maintain your student's immunization record at time of enrollment and doing so will result in more complete and accurate immunization records for our students. If your student was immunized in the state of WA or you have had their immunizations entered by a local medical office, then we can pull the CIS for your student.
  • Health Intake Form: You can download this form when you get to this step in the registration, and then upload it once it has been completed. (This form is not needed for the 2024-2025 online registration.)
  • Legal documents: Only needed if there are any legal issues regarding your student(s) the district or school should know (for example, a parenting plan, legal custody or a restraining order), please upload a copy.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you complete all documentation within the registration form to ensure that your enrollment process will not be delayed. If you are missing any of these documents, you will be asked to provide them to your school registrar to complete your enrollment package, missing documents may delay enrollment.

Instructions for registering online

To Begin Registration Online:

  • Current families that have a new student to the district or an incoming kindergarten student can register through Family Access (current students do not need to register each year, only new students).
  • If you are returning within the past two years, please try your Family Access account first. If that does not work, please register as a new family and create an account to register your student(s).
  • If you are a new family to the district create an account to register your student(s).


Registration packets are available in PDF below, guardians may print and drop-off the completed forms directly at their neighborhood school, or you may visit your neighborhood school, and pick up a hard copy of the forms to fill out and return to them. During the summer, completed forms can be dropped off at the District Office (9401 Sharon Drive, Everett, WA 98204) and they will be processed and forms will be transported to your neighborhood school.

Need Help?

If you need any help with online registration or have registration questions, please email: