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Strategic Plan Home

The school board approved the strategic goals and strategies during their Nov. 14, 2022 board meeting. The completed plan document is available below in pdf format and embedded in the website to allow for translation using the Google Translate tool built into this website.

Message from the Superintendent

Mukilteo School District developed a strategic plan because we recognized the need for a comprehensive plan to align our efforts to better support students. Their needs, especially in our region, have changed significantly in the past years and we are adapting to meet those needs. We now serve more students who are multilingual English learners, require specialized services, and are more diverse than in past years. Over 110 languages are spoken in the homes of our students. Students’ social emotional needs have changed over time as well. This strategic plan aims to improve and unify our efforts to address these changing needs districtwide.

We have bold goals of 100 percent of students graduating career and college ready and 100 percent of third grade students reading at or above grade level, which is an indicator of future educational success. Ninth grade students being on track to graduate with credits is also an important indicator of future success. While we have large goals and are making efforts to reach those goals, there are several challenges we must overcome. First, district data reflects male Black and Latino students receive more discipline than their peers. We are exploring why that is and taking steps to change that in our district. We also see students who are furthest from educational justice due to their race, ethnicity, family income, etc. were most affected by the pandemic and distance learning and have fallen further behind their peers. Student assessment scores must increase at all levels.

Overcoming the above challenges will take many years and will be an ongoing process. This plan will help us monitor the data and adjust course as a unified team to better meet student needs. Before this plan’s action steps end in 2027, the district will already be working on the next phase of the Strategic Plan, possibly with renewed or refined goals, strategies and action steps. I look forward to sharing our progress with you along the way and partnering with you as we keep our eyes on student success.

--Dr. Alison Brynelson, Superintendent