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Suggested Walk Routes

Walking to school each day can be part of a good exercise program that keeps your child healthy, fit and ready to learn. Children who walk to school also help minimize parking lot congestion at the school. We have developed school walk routes to encourage walking and safe pedestrian behaviors. 

The school walk route map shows the recommended route for your child to use walking to and from school each day. A copy of the walk route map is in your school office. 

The walk route plan has been developed based on traffic patterns and traffic controls such as crosswalks, stop signs, traffic lights and safety patrol posts. The route limits the number of street crossings children will make and seeks to group children together to increase their visibility and safety. Therefore, the route may not be the shortest way to school, but it is important that children follow the route, even if they must walk a little farther to do so. 

Please help your child become familiar with their route by walking it together. Teach your child to cross the street only at the location indicated on the route and to follow these safety rules: 

  • Whenever possible, walk with other children or an adult to school
  • Walk on the sidewalks and paths, or trails, when they are available.
  • If you must walk on the side of the road, walk on the edge, facing traffic
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Do not walk while texting, or playing handheld games, or listening to loud music wearing ear buds.
  • Walk with purpose straight to school and straight home
  • Cross at intersections or marked crosswalks whenever possible
  • Look both ways for cars before crossing the street, and cross with a stoplight, or crosswalk where possible
    • Stop at the edges of driveways, alleys, curbs, or edges of the street where no curb exists, and look left right, and left again for vehicles before crossing.
  • Walk; do not run across the street.
  • Make sure drivers see you before crossing in front of them. Always attempt to make eye contact.
  • Do not play in the driveway, street, or by the side of the road.

Safety patrol members will be posted before and after school at the crosswalks as indicated in the written description of the route. Remember to tell your child to follow the patrol member’s instructions. The route will be reviewed yearly and may change as conditions along the route change.